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The Only Jordan Retro 2 Review You Want To Read

This is a review of Jordan Retro 2 Shoes by Air Jordan Nike, which is a retro edition of Air Jordan 2, originally released in 1986. If you were looking to buy this Shoe, I want to let you know that you have a great choice. Have a quick look at the number of 5 star reviews on Amazon and you will have no doubt that these are great quality shoes loved by everyone.


Getting hold of Jordan 2 Retro Shoes, however, is not easy. Firstly, it’s hard to find these shoes in your local shoe stores. You might find them in shopping portals for huge discounts, but most of these online shopping portals do not sell genuine shoes. In this situation, Amazon is the most reliable option. They have a rigorous process to ensure genuine products are stocked in their warehouse and they also have a great return policy. 91% of buyers have claimed that the shoe fits as expected, which is remarkable when compared to other shoes. This is a relief for online buyers.

History Behind This Shoe

Originally released in the year 1986, these shoes were a big hit in that era. Air Jordan 2 was revived multiple times since its release. The retro edition of these shoes was released at least 4 times since 1994 and the latest retro edition was released in 2017. Popularity of Jordan 2 Retro  does not seem to reduce.

The original version of this shoe was in red and white, called colorway. The retro edition on Amazon is called as the Jordan 2 Retro “OG Colorway”.

Jordan 2 Retro is now available in multiple color options:

Red, White – The pair that I own, most impressive and best-selling retro 2 shoe

Red, Black – Great Alternative to the Red & White version

Black Blue – Next best-selling retro 2 after the Red & White and Red & Black Versions

White, Black, Dar Grey – For the Black & White Lovers

There is also another edition called the Jordan Retro 2 Low, which equally popular, but lot more affordable.  Both the low and high versions provide good ankle and arch support. Needless to say they make a great fashion statement.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider buy Jordan Retro 2 shoes

Stunning Looks: These shoes are gorgeous. They look and feel great and will be a great addition to any outfit or look. Whether you’re going for a street-style vibe or something a little more casual, they would be a perfect fit. Their style falls somewhere in between casual and athletic, due to their smooth shape and cleverly arranged color combo. This model makes for a great combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Comfort: These shoes have been designed with the objective to truly maximize comfort and create a phenomenal experience for the user. When wearing these sneakers, you’ll feel like your feet are in heaven. The inner material offers a soft, yet sturdy cushioning texture that supports feet and prevents them from wiggling around inside the show. The ergonomics sustains the feet and help prevent accidents.

Value for Money: Although not quite considered a budget shoe, the Jordan Retros are still a great compromise between the price you pay for them and the value that you will get from the purchase. They are long lasting shoes that come with great comfort and style.

When you buy a pair of Jordan Retro 2, you don’t just own a pair of quality shoes, but a piece of glorious history behind it.